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Understanding Parole: A Guide for Former Prisoners

While incarceration is the most well-known penalty convicted individuals are sentenced to endure, a huge number of convicted individuals serve out their sentence on probation or parole instead. Recent statistics suggest that about 1 in 69 adults were on parole or probation at the end of 2021. Are you interested in learning more about parole, […]

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Preparing for a Parole Interview: Tips to Pass the Interview

In each state, the board of parole conducts parole interviews on interested and eligible prisoners. And just as Robert Frost said, “Freedom lies in being bold,” passing a parole interview requires boldness. Like any other interview, a parole hearing involves preparation. Therefore, prisoners can seek guidance from reliable sources or bodies. An example of a […]

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Parole: Its Meaning, Importance, and Eligibility

Parole is a conditional advance release of an inmate. The term Parole is a French word that means promise. It was incorporated into the criminal justice system in the mid-era to refer to inmates freed after promising to adhere to the set conditions. An Inmate released on parole is referred to as a parolee. A […]

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