Government Housing Grants for Formerly Incarcerated Persons

Sadly, more than one in ten convicted persons will face homelessness in the months following their release from prison. Rather than reentering society successfully, an inability to find stable housing often prevents former offenders from obtaining employment and starting their new lives. If you find yourself in this situation, then there is hope. One source […]

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Rehabilitation Success Stories: From Offender to Homeowner

After facing incarceration for an extended period of time, former offenders often struggle to secure suitable housing. When it comes to renting, landlords usually don’t want to rent to former offenders, and it’s even harder to secure the finances and credit score necessary to fund buying your own home. Despite the challenges ahead, you can […]

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Understanding Your Rights: Convict Housing Discrimination

You commit the crime, do the time, and then you’re free to go, right? Unfortunately, individuals rarely experience that upon release from prison. The stigma of a criminal record continues to haunt them. Many continue to face increased convict housing discrimination and also face challenges obtaining a job and re-integrating into society. Only about one […]

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Guide to Finding Housing as a Person with Felony Convictions

If you have ever experienced incarceration, your chances of homelessness are about ten times higher compared to someone who has never been arrested. One of the biggest reasons for this is because of housing discrimination. Many landlords do not accept a person with felony convictions when they apply for rentals, and a person’s criminal record […]

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