Creating a lease agreement on the same lines as felon housing programs

Are you planning to add a felon to a lease? This is an intricate matter and concerns are natural for tenants and the landlord to have. One has to take care to proactively address the potential risks. It will keep the living environment safe and harmonious. Here’s how we go about mitigating the potential risks: […]

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Renting an Apartment in 2024 if you have a Felony on Your Record

Let us start the article by considering the Fair Housing Act. The Act plays an important role in making sure that a host of potential clients are not discriminated against.  However, the Fair Housing Act fails to make any provisions for safeguarding the individuals who are discriminated against for having a felony on their criminal […]

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What makes rent-to-own a preferred arrangement for ex-felons to find housing?

When attempting to get the finest rent-to-own property in the town, timing has to be the critical factor that concerns you. If one is going to consider the most in-demand properties being given out by the most established property managers for this arrangement, they have the advantage on their side. The odds of your application […]

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Government Programs/Housing/Resources/White Collar Jobs for Felons

Housing programs for felons: How do they work?

If a felon intends to apply for an apartment, it is a fine idea to be honest and upfront regarding his criminal past. You may choose to share a written explanation of your record. Herein, you may want to emphasize why you will turn out to be a good tenant. This will boost the odds […]

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