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Factors influencing the duration of a felony on a criminal record

It is hard to deny that the impacts of a felony conviction could extend to long after a person completes his sentence. An ex-felon could face difficulty finding jobs for convicted felons. It is possible that a felony conviction forever stays on your criminal record. The right way to mitigate the effects is to seek […]

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White Collar Jobs for Felons

What makes trucking a feasible option for ex-felons?

Two things; one is that the trucking industry is more welcoming for felons as compared to other working domains. Secondly, trucking Jobs Hiring Felons are generally high paying. Truck driving is considered one of the High Paying Jobs for Felons  The general assumption is that truck drivers make a decent amount of money. But, it […]

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Will a trucking company hire ex-felons in 2024?

A host of factors combine to define if a trucking company is going to hire an ex-felon: Being hired as a truck driver as an ex-felon is no guarantee. But the chances are decent and brighter still if the felony does not involve violence. By putting in efforts towards finding a job as a truck […]

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What crimes debar me from joining the military?

When an ex-felon applies for a position in the military, he needs to get a waiver. All ex-felons, however, are not eligible for a waiver.  There are cases wherein an ex-felon is automatically ineligible for enlisting in the army. This depends on the nature of the felony that he was convicted of. Top examples of […]

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Rehabilitation programs for felons make society brighter

After the sentence is through, an ex-offender could face difficulties in finding meaningful employment and reintegrating into society. Discrimination on the account of having a criminal is not a new story in the US. Millions of people have already been victimized by the matter. The most important challenge, here, is the reduction of recidivism rates. […]

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Agencies Hiring Felons

Now it is easier to find job hiring felons

Across the contemporary years, the public, society, and the law are waking up to the fact that people who hold criminal records should be able to find jobs to make a career, prosper, and grow in life. It is a societal shift of sorts towards giving second chances. The focus, here, lies on creating pathways […]

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How should I go about looking for jobs hiring felons?

It is hard to deny that when a felon is seeking to find a job, the search could become challenging at times. Still, the availability of opportunities exists and cannot be denied. So, by making a fresh start in his life, a felon can have a successful career before him. A few of the industries […]

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Resources/White Collar Jobs for Felons

How often are high-paying jobs for felons available?

At ReCareer, we understand and recognize that a felon could face some difficulties in navigating his career path. We are here for your help and support and offer our services in the form of job and housing support, rehabilitation, and counseling. With the changing times, a few employers are nowadays more willing to give second […]

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Resources/White Collar Jobs for Felons

Best ways to get Jobs for Felons in California

If an individual has a criminal record, one of the finest ways to make a fresh start in life is to find meaningful employment. When we consider the case of California, we see that the job market is diverse and dynamic. Correspondingly, the jobs for felons in California to explore are numerous. In this blog […]

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Reentering the Workforce: Job Opportunities for Felons

Reentering the workforce after a criminal conviction can be a challenging and daunting task for individuals with a felony record. However, it’s important to remember that there are job opportunities available for felons who are determined to rebuild their lives and make a fresh start. In this article, we will explore various job opportunities that […]

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