Does a Criminal Background Check Affect Credit Score?

As a felony conviction, it is natural to worry about one’s credit score because of one’s criminal history. An individual who was earlier incarcerated could harbor complaints and believe that his criminal record has affected his credit score. However, the truth is that the credit score of a felony conviction is solely depends on the […]

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Getting a washer and dryer at affordable rates for ex-felons

Laundromats are sprinkled all across the nation but visiting a laundromat delivers only a limited amount of joy. One waits around waiting for one’s clothes to be cleaned and dried. Owning a washer and drier is a proposition few people would refuse. This lets one manage other things while clothes are automatically cleaned. Nowadays, it […]

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Is it legal for an ex-felon to hold public office?

If one has undergone a felony conviction, it is going to become a heavy burden to carry. An ex-felon loses several rights and at times, one feels that one is only eligible for jobs hiring felons. In this article, we will consider if an ex-felon withholds the right to run for public office. Yes, felons […]

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White Collar Jobs for Felons

The right way to apply for a trucking job as an ex-felon

Applying to a trucking company for a job as a truck driver is different from applying for most other jobs because job requirements are also unique. Before hiring and truck-driving aspirant, a trucking company has to find itself in compliance with the strict regulations that have been set forth by FMCSA. By the law, they […]

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Renting an Apartment in 2024 if you have a Felony on Your Record

Let us start the article by considering the Fair Housing Act. The Act plays an important role in making sure that a host of potential clients are not discriminated against.  However, the Fair Housing Act fails to make any provisions for safeguarding the individuals who are discriminated against for having a felony on their criminal […]

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Will I need to undergo background checks to rent an apartment?

In most cases, the question will yield yes as an answer. Not all landlords will go for a background check, but, it nevertheless stays as the standard practice. Similarly, the potential tenant often pays for background checks. Still, a few of the apartment notice boards explicitly state that they do not require background checks for […]

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Does the waste management industry do background checks?

The waste management industry is just one of the industries that are more welcoming to ex-felons as compared to other industries. However, even in the waste management industry, thorough vetting of aspirants is conducted before they are hired. This makes their workforce reliable and safe. With comprehensive processes for background checks, the waste management industry […]

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What crimes debar me from joining the military?

When an ex-felon applies for a position in the military, he needs to get a waiver. All ex-felons, however, are not eligible for a waiver.  There are cases wherein an ex-felon is automatically ineligible for enlisting in the army. This depends on the nature of the felony that he was convicted of. Top examples of […]

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Top Rehabilitation Programs for Felons available nowadays

Being an ex-felon could be tough in this world because your conviction could affect you even after you complete your sentence. However, it is the moral duty and obligation of society and governments to make sure that the individuals who had been incarcerated earlier are brought back into the society and the job scene. This […]

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Rehabilitation programs for felons make society brighter

After the sentence is through, an ex-offender could face difficulties in finding meaningful employment and reintegrating into society. Discrimination on the account of having a criminal is not a new story in the US. Millions of people have already been victimized by the matter. The most important challenge, here, is the reduction of recidivism rates. […]

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