How Convicted Felons Can Thrive in Content Writing Career
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How Convicted Felons Can Thrive in Content Writing Career

Convicted Felons often find difficulty in getting jobs due to their past. Most of the companies require background checks and some of the companies do not entertain the convicted felons at all. Here, content writing comes to rescue and help people with a criminal background to restart their lives happily. It is a field where […]

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What makes trucking a feasible option for ex-felons?

Two things; one is that the trucking industry is more welcoming for felons as compared to other working domains. Secondly, trucking Jobs Hiring Felons are generally high paying. Truck driving is considered one of the High Paying Jobs for Felons  The general assumption is that truck drivers make a decent amount of money. But, it […]

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The right way to apply for a trucking job as an ex-felon

Applying to a trucking company for a job as a truck driver is different from applying for most other jobs because job requirements are also unique. Before hiring and truck-driving aspirant, a trucking company has to find itself in compliance with the strict regulations that have been set forth by FMCSA. By the law, they […]

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Does the waste management industry do background checks?

The waste management industry is just one of the industries that are more welcoming to ex-felons as compared to other industries. However, even in the waste management industry, thorough vetting of aspirants is conducted before they are hired. This makes their workforce reliable and safe. With comprehensive processes for background checks, the waste management industry […]

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What crimes debar me from joining the military?

When an ex-felon applies for a position in the military, he needs to get a waiver. All ex-felons, however, are not eligible for a waiver.  There are cases wherein an ex-felon is automatically ineligible for enlisting in the army. This depends on the nature of the felony that he was convicted of. Top examples of […]

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The effects of rehabilitation programs for felons are far-reaching

After a felon is through with his sentence, reintegrating them into society becomes important. So, job placement initiatives and rehabilitation programs have an important role to play in this regard. The onus lies on society and the governments to forward education, job-seeking skills, and vocational skills to these ex-felons. This will help them overcome the […]

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Top Rehabilitation Programs for Felons available nowadays

Being an ex-felon could be tough in this world because your conviction could affect you even after you complete your sentence. However, it is the moral duty and obligation of society and governments to make sure that the individuals who had been incarcerated earlier are brought back into the society and the job scene. This […]

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Rehabilitation programs for felons make society brighter

After the sentence is through, an ex-offender could face difficulties in finding meaningful employment and reintegrating into society. Discrimination on the account of having a criminal is not a new story in the US. Millions of people have already been victimized by the matter. The most important challenge, here, is the reduction of recidivism rates. […]

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Tips on resume writing for convicted felons

One of the key objectives of creating a Resume is to make sure that it passes an employer’s initial screening. For your job hunt, your Resume is an essential document. You get to showcase your skills, achievements, qualifications, experience, and hobbies in your Resume. A perfectly written Resume will impress your employer and increase the […]

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The right way to go about finding housing for felons in Texas

To come across suitable housing is going to be a challenging endeavour for anyone, irrespective of who the individual seeking housing is. In such circumstances, it becomes important to remember that if one has been convicted in the past, navigating the housing landscape might become tougher still. This is primarily because of the stigmas associated […]

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