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Top Rehabilitation Programs for Felons available nowadays

Being an ex-felon could be tough in this world because your conviction could affect you even after you complete your sentence. However, it is the moral duty and obligation of society and governments to make sure that the individuals who had been incarcerated earlier are brought back into the society and the job scene. This […]

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Re-Entry Programs/Resources/Training Programs/White Collar Jobs for Felons

Rehabilitation programs for felons make society brighter

After the sentence is through, an ex-offender could face difficulties in finding meaningful employment and reintegrating into society. Discrimination on the account of having a criminal is not a new story in the US. Millions of people have already been victimized by the matter. The most important challenge, here, is the reduction of recidivism rates. […]

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Courses & Certifications/Training Programs

Exploring Apprenticeship Programs for Felons

Apprenticeship programs offer a valuable pathway to skill development, employment, and reintegration for individuals with criminal records. In recent years, a growing number of organizations and initiatives have recognized the potential of apprenticeships to support felons in their journey toward a successful and law-abiding future. This article explores the significance of apprenticeship programs for felons […]

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Re-Entry Programs/Support Groups/Training Programs

Addressing Background Checks:  Disclosing a Criminal Record to Employers

The process of job hunting can be exciting, but it can also become complex if you have a criminal record. While a criminal record might seem like an obstacle, it’s important to remember that honesty and preparation can pave the way for a successful conversation with potential employers. This article aims to provide guidance on […]

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Courses & Certifications/Training Programs/White Collar Jobs for Felons

Rehabilitation Programs and Job Placement for Felons

In the United States, millions of individuals have experienced incarceration due to criminal convictions. After serving their sentences, these ex-offenders often face a daunting challenge: reintegrating into society and finding gainful employment. The process of rehabilitation and job placement for felons is crucial not only for reducing recidivism rates but also for fostering a more […]

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Government Programs/Resources/Training Programs

Job Training Programs & Vocational Education for Felons

In the United States, the reintegration of individuals with criminal records into society is a critical challenge. One effective approach to support their successful transition and reduce recidivism rates is through job training programs and vocational education. These initiatives provide felons with valuable skills, knowledge, and opportunities for employment, empowering them to rebuild their lives. […]

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Jobs for Ex-felons: Know Your Rights of Employment as an Ex-felon in 2022

We know it is very difficult to secure jobs for ex-felons. In fact, convicted felons looking for jobs have to face lots of challenges. There are some state and federal laws that may not permit them to serve in certain industries. Besides, these laws may restrict them from getting a license to work in other […]

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Resources/Training Programs

Why Should Small Businesses Insist on Hiring Ex Convicts in 2022?

Hiring ex convicts can be a great move for a small business owner. It will help you create a strong presence in your business community. Besides, it can be an excellent company policy to make your brand stand out.  Creating jobs for ex-felons is much beyond giving someone an opportunity to get back on their […]

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Where do most felons work?

Getting a job is always difficult after serving jail time. But one of the best ways to get a good job is to put yourself in the right places. By being in the right place, you will make yourself available for the next opportunity. This starts with knowing where most felons work. There are millions […]

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Courses & Certifications/Government Programs/Training Programs

Apprenticeship programs for felons

There are many roads to reshaping your life after incarceration, and apprenticeship programs are at the top of the list. If you want to start a business or even get a high-paying job, you need to learn the right skills that employers will require. Out of all the many programs you can start, apprenticeship programs […]

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