For the longest time ever, the United States government, through the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), has acknowledged the significance of training programs as a tool for inmates to enhance their expertise and skills. Further, the bureau appreciates education and training to rectify and inspire prisoners to utilize their time constructively.

As a result, every federal prison has a mandate to an education division that yields educational and recreational activities to Federal prisoners.

These training programs give priority to;

Literacy education
English proficiency and competency
Vocational training
Adult education
On this page, we present all training activities that the state and federal government and other organizations provide to inmates and ex-offenders. Unfortunately, only some prisoners have these educational programs.

Additionally, Involvement in college-level education and vocational training depends on the offender getting a go-ahead from the prison management, passing preliminary exams, and having funds to fully or partially cater for the tuition. Although some offenders are eligible for partial scholarships, others may not qualify and will need to raise the full tuition. Nonetheless, it is the choice of the prisoners to either use their own on these programs or not

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Felon Starting a Business on Merch by Amazon

We know getting a job after release from prison is always challenging for everyone. No doubt, ex-felons have to face more barriers compared to any other jobseekers. But why should they not head towards starting their own businesses instead of searching for second chance jobs for felons? In fact, felons can find many lucrative small […]

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Apprenticeship programs for felons

There are many roads to reshaping your life after incarceration, and apprenticeship programs are at the top of the list. If you want to start a business or even get a high-paying job, you need to learn the right skills that employers will require. Out of all the many programs you can start, apprenticeship programs […]

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Top 5 Careers that felons can pursue

To secure your future, you need a promising career. But among the many paths you can take in life, there are special careers that felons can pursue. These professions are special not because other people can’t get into them, but because they are felon-friendly. As a felon, there are definitely limits as you try to […]

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Trade schools for felons

Felons always ask if trade schools accept people with a criminal record. And the answer is that they do. Which is a very good development because it means they have the necessary means to turn anyone into an expert. Only a few trade schools reject felons. And they are too few to even affect your […]

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Courses & Certifications

Marketing courses and certifications for felons

Unlike decades ago, marketing courses are now available on the internet. And recognized institutions are actively operating in many countries all over the world. As a felon, this is an opportunity for you to add more value to yourself and become more employable. Many people believe that marketing is just about making sales, but they […]

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Getting into tech as a felon

If you have been thinking about getting into tech as a felon, you will be very happy to know that it is not as hard as you must have imagined. Tech industry is one of the best in the world, and there’s a lot of money for you in it. Of all the industries in […]

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Training programs that help felons to get jobs

If you want to make the best out of your life after conviction, start making plans to participate in training programs. All over the world, many jobseekers have gained massively from different training programs. As a felon, it will take you one step ahead of your peers in the job market. Training programs will also […]

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Top ten degrees for felons

There are no special degrees for felons in any college or university. But the degrees you will find here are those that are related to the jobs a felon can easily get. Everyone knows it is difficult for felons to get a job after they have served their time. Your case is not an exception, […]

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Online courses that can give felons employable skills

Online courses for felons are the same as for other people, the only difference is that the courses must teach in-demand skills for felons. Many people are taking advantage of the tech boom to gather skills that will put them ahead in the job market. And with online courses for felons, you can do the […]

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White-Collar Jobs for felons in California

White-Collar Jobs for Felons in California! Finding a job with a criminal record might be a difficult task. However, there are numerous career opportunities in California, but not all employers are interested in hiring persons with a criminal past. While finding jobs for felons in California might be difficult, we have investigated various firms to […]

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