All offenders need support groups. In fact, most of the offenders commit crimes due to bad associations caused by poverty, health problems, drug and substance addiction just to mention a few. People suffering from such conditions need to be supported to recover and lead normal lives fully.

The United States government, together with other stakeholders, is determined to support ex-criminal to abandon punishable criminal activities. Therefore, although this page is closely related to government programs, it entails support groups from nongovernmental and faith-based organizations.

There are various support groups and services that the United States government and other organizations avail to detainees and offenders who are castigated or confined in correctional facilities under community supervision through either parole and probation.

Corrective groups aim at assisting criminals in correcting or modifying behavior related to their criminal doing to hold them responsible for their behavior and boost public safety.

In general, this page is about;

Anger management
Thinking skills
Vocational training and advancement in education
Job search and placements
Parenting programs
Financial management

Housing/Resources/Support Groups

The Role of Non-Profit Organizations for Former Prisoners

Many Americans mistakenly believe that a lack of ambition is the main reason for homelessness, but the fact that 40-60% of homeless Americans also have a job proves that theory wrong. The main cause of homelessness is unaffordable or unattainable housing. Fortunately there are non-profit organizations for former prisoners that help them find housing and […]

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Government Programs/Re-Entry Programs/Support Groups/Training Programs/White Collar Jobs for Felons

Top Rehabilitation Programs for Felons available nowadays

Being an ex-felon could be tough in this world because your conviction could affect you even after you complete your sentence. However, it is the moral duty and obligation of society and governments to make sure that the individuals who had been incarcerated earlier are brought back into the society and the job scene. This […]

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Resources/Support Groups

How to Improve Your Career Prospects: Tips for Women with Felony Conviction

If you’ve been convicted of a felony and you’re trying to start fresh, getting back into the workforce is a top priority. While finding work as women with felony conviction can be tough, it’s far from impossible. From reimagining your employment prospects to exploring the world of entrepreneurship, you have several options to consider as […]

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Courses & Certifications/Government Programs/Support Groups

Financial Assistance Programs for Felons in the USA: Grants, Loans, and Scholarships

Reintegrating into society after a felony conviction can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to finding stable employment and securing financial stability. Fortunately, there are several financial assistance programs available in the United States designed to help individuals with felony convictions rebuild their lives. Grants, loans, and scholarships are among the key resources […]

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Re-Entry Programs/Support Groups/Training Programs

Addressing Background Checks:  Disclosing a Criminal Record to Employers

The process of job hunting can be exciting, but it can also become complex if you have a criminal record. While a criminal record might seem like an obstacle, it’s important to remember that honesty and preparation can pave the way for a successful conversation with potential employers. This article aims to provide guidance on […]

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