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Factors influencing the duration of a felony on a criminal record

It is hard to deny that the impacts of a felony conviction could extend to long after a person completes his sentence. An ex-felon could face difficulty finding jobs for convicted felons. It is possible that a felony conviction forever stays on your criminal record. The right way to mitigate the effects is to seek […]

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Is it legal for an ex-felon to hold public office?

If one has undergone a felony conviction, it is going to become a heavy burden to carry. An ex-felon loses several rights and at times, one feels that one is only eligible for jobs hiring felons. In this article, we will consider if an ex-felon withholds the right to run for public office. Yes, felons […]

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Challenges frequently faced by felons when starting and running a business

Upon being incarcerated, it becomes difficult for a felon to find the way back to the workforce. One may want to go through jobs hiring felons. But, one has to be enterprising and when seeking a channel for employment and earning a livelihood, one has to scan alternate mediums. This guarantees success in the bid. […]

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Is it possible for an ex-felon to change his name?

If a person has been convicted, one can assume by default that he is aiming at a fresh start. At times, the bid to do so will inspire them to disown the names that they had been using for the initial part of their lives. An ex-felon will likely wonder, can ex-felons change their names? […]

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What makes trucking a feasible option for ex-felons?

Two things; one is that the trucking industry is more welcoming for felons as compared to other working domains. Secondly, trucking Jobs Hiring Felons are generally high paying. Truck driving is considered one of the High Paying Jobs for Felons  The general assumption is that truck drivers make a decent amount of money. But, it […]

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Is drinking on probation permitted?

When your sentence specifies that you are to be placed under probation, you’d be losing a few of the freedoms that you would earlier enjoy. Drinking alcohol is frequently included in the list. The factor that specifies whether or not you can drink on probation is specified by the conditions that the court specifies. While […]

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The right way to apply for a trucking job as an ex-felon

Applying to a trucking company for a job as a truck driver is different from applying for most other jobs because job requirements are also unique. Before hiring and truck-driving aspirant, a trucking company has to find itself in compliance with the strict regulations that have been set forth by FMCSA. By the law, they […]

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Will a trucking company hire ex-felons in 2024?

A host of factors combine to define if a trucking company is going to hire an ex-felon: Being hired as a truck driver as an ex-felon is no guarantee. But the chances are decent and brighter still if the felony does not involve violence. By putting in efforts towards finding a job as a truck […]

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Renting an Apartment in 2024 if you have a Felony on Your Record

Let us start the article by considering the Fair Housing Act. The Act plays an important role in making sure that a host of potential clients are not discriminated against.  However, the Fair Housing Act fails to make any provisions for safeguarding the individuals who are discriminated against for having a felony on their criminal […]

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What makes rent-to-own a preferred arrangement for ex-felons to find housing?

When attempting to get the finest rent-to-own property in the town, timing has to be the critical factor that concerns you. If one is going to consider the most in-demand properties being given out by the most established property managers for this arrangement, they have the advantage on their side. The odds of your application […]

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