Jobs for people with Felon Record: we are trying to setup a website with information and job board for people with felon record. If your company is willing to offer a job for the right candidate, even with felon record, please post your job description/link here.

Welcome To The “Post A Job For Felon” Page!

We believe in providing opportunities for individuals with criminal records to reintegrate into society and find meaningful employment. This page is designed specifically for employers who are open to hiring felons and want to contribute to their successful reentry into the workforce.

The states and federal government have been in the frontline of helping ex-offenders reenter the community through government programs. Indeed, the U.S government aims at correcting and rehabilitating offenders rather than punishing and condemning them.

The United States Department of Justice reports that over 650 000 people are released from state and federal prisons annually. Shockingly, when these people try their luck in employment, they face harsh scrutiny that most can’t pass. As a result, they hardly get employment offers or secure lowly paying jobs. So, most ex-felons end up struggling to meet their basic needs, a factor that contributes to reoffending.

  • Ways to overcome employment challenges among those with criminal histories,
  • How and where ex-offenders can gain access to both mental and physical health,
  • ips for landing to subsidized or public houses and eventually avoid homelessness
  • Embracing education as a tool to combat re-offending and a propeller to secure well-paying employment opportunities,

Recidivism on its own affects public safety and is very costly to the taxpayer. Taxpayers’ money that otherwise was to be budgeted for other equally important government projects. Again, it worries the community every time a released prisoner is roaming around. It is only effective re-entry programs that can solve all the above barriers.

By posting a job for felons, you are not only helping individuals rebuild their lives but also gaining access to a diverse talent pool with unique skills and experiences.

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