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At ReeCareer, we are guided by the motto: Hope is Everything. We are passionate about inspiring and assisting felons in finding their dream jobs. Our goal is a less judgmental and more accommodating society to those who have served their time and wish to re-enter the workforce as productive citizens.

ReeCareer provides various career options for convicted felons, as we focus on identifying felon friendly jobs throughout the United States.

Our dedication ensures that convicted felons find guidance, training, and suitable jobs as they become contributing members of their communities. We are equally devoted to fighting ingrained social evils, such as discrimination and rejection that discourage felons from seeking employment.

Our values: integrity, fairness, discipline, and motivation motivate us to achieve our mission.

At ReeCareer, we have experienced and understand the rejection felons face when job seeking and reentering society. Therefore, our goal is to inspire, inform, educate, and guide felons to rejoin their communities, secure jobs quickly, and live better lives.

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Reecareer.com people assists felons by creating exceptional resumes. Please follow the link below to determine if you require a new resume or your current resume can be improved:


Training Programs:

ReeCareer will continuously seek and post new training programs available for convicted felons seeking career direction. Please follow the link below for additional information.


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We hope you find this website informational on your path back to the normal life everyone deserves. Please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions, or questions regarding any content posted to ReeCareer.

Also, if you would like to anonymously share your story, we may be interested in featuring that on our website to inspire others to succeed. Finding jobs for convicted felons is a stressful and arduous task that requires support from others. Please consider helping us help others who simply want a second chance at a happy and productive life.

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